Having a dog walking service doesn't let the owner entirely off the walking hook otherwise that would get very expensive and you'd miss out on so much.

Mornings and Evenings

So if you've employed someone to walk your dog in the middle of the walk, you MUST take your dog for a walk in teh morning before going to work. Letting out in the garden (if you have one) isn't really sufficient. They need to go and have a sniff and hopefully a good poo! Something to get the system working and to release a little bit of their energy so they can settle down when you go to work and before the walker arrives. 

If they feel uncomfortable, they may end up having an accident and these things can become habitual and no-one wants to come in to a poo and the dog doesn't want to do it. If they're having an accident and tehy're not a puppy and have been trained then you need to adjust the regime. 

So get into a routine, even it's 10 mins round the block just to start the day off but half an hour or more for a young dog in the park with some off-lead time is even better.  Everyone will be happier

And then you really need a walk in the evening. Again, even if it's just 10 mins for sniffs, and poos and to exchange pee-mail with other dogs in the area.  

Remember it's a bonding time for you and the dog. Owners often say, "I don't get greeted like that!" when they see how happy dogs are to see us. Well, remember we're just associated with the good stuff: fun and walks. And you need to be associated with that too.